Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Livingroom Mood Board

I've been playing around with a mood board for the living room- which is how I figured out that although I love yellow, it was just not going to work in the room. It's still a work in progress but here is where it's at right now...
Some of these pieces we already own (love seat, coffee table, RECLINER!, dark wood floors...). Some of them we just got/are getting (white console and bookshelves, entertainment unit...) And some I want but haven't found/bought yet (mirror cabinet, silver lamp, mirrors, green rug...) The green rug and the small white side table are from West Elm and I'm really hoping they will go on sale soon so I've been waiting it out while also keeping my eye out for other options at a good price (via online sites like Joss and Main, One Kings Lane, etc as well as Home Goods, Target and Pier One).
That is our actual wall color- Jamaican Aqua from Benjamin Moore which I still really love, especially with our existing white trim and our new white furniture additions. That was our second paint color though- originally we bought a color 2 shades darker (without testing it first, big mistake) and as soon as Greg starting cutting in we both realized we hated it. Lesson learned about always testing paint colors first - except we didn't actually learn our lesson because we made the same mistake with our bedroom.
We received the bookshelves and console this past weekend but we haven't put them in place yet. The bookshelves need to be assembled so hopefully we get to that this week. Stay tuned for updates...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green in, yellow out

OK- I'm still obsessed with all things yellow- but after playing around with a mood board for the living room I decided I didn't so like the yellow with our pale aqua wall color as much as I thought I would. In theory aqua and yellow seemed like a good idea but in reality it was a little too bright for me. I decided to keep with the green accents I already have going on and kick out the few orange accessories I added some months back.
I had just ordered green pillows that I had planned for the bedroom but actually look much better in the living room. I also picked up a faux fur pillow from Target that I was oddly drawn to. I decided to take a chance and see how it looked at home on the couch. I think it's a keeper. It's a nice off white which balances out the green and aqua pillows and adds some great texture.
After rearranging the living room a few days after Christmas (our tree made an early exit this year because I was really itching to get that recliner in place and out of the way) I realized that I really love the new furniture placement. And as Greg pointed out- it's all thanks to the new recliner. Spending so much time in our 'new living room' I also realized that it's feeling really dark with all the black furniture, black picture frames, dark chocolate curtains...so I have plans to lighten it up. I'm super excited for our new entertainment center (we bought one at Crate and Barrel) to come in a couple weeks which will go a long way towards freshening up the space and making it feel more airy. I also decided I want to change out the black picture frames and I have some ideas for new artwork above the TV. Greg also has some ideas of getting a new TV since he somehow thinks getting a new TV stand means we need a new TV, hmmm....
Finally, I'm feeling like I want to switch out the heavy brown curtains with some nice airy white panels to brighten up the space even more. I love the contrast of the white and aqua and the white with the dark floor- we will also be adding some white furniture accents. More to come when our new furniture arrives.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You are my sunshine...

I've been collecting artwork, mementos, pictures, etc. the past week or so to start putting together my frame wall. I think I came up with some cute ideas and I was able to get some great inspiration from other blogs. While I was scouring Etsy for some new throw pillows I also took a look at some of the artwork on there and I came across this-

This was pretty much my favorite song when I was little and I would sing it all the time. I'm pretty sure there are home movies of me holding my blankie over my face while singing this so that you can't actually hear anything I'm saying.

On a random side note we also incorporated a house version of this song into our wedding- It was our big entrance song. Yes, believe it or not there is a house version of You Are My Sunshine. 

Anyway, I'm totally buying this- In fact I'm buying it right now.

My goal is to have the wall ready to go in the next week or 2 so I will definitely share the final product and all the thought that went into it.