Hey, I’m Kelly. When I was little my dream was to work in fashion and that is how I make my living today in the crazy world of NYC. Although my job has very little to do with design or styling I love coming up with my own outfits and helping friends. I love yoga and completed my 200 hour teacher certification earlier this year. I devour books by the week and I delight in cooking up healthy meals. 8 years ago I had an unexpected encounter with a guy named Greg in the middle of New York City while taking cover from the rain. 4 years later I married him…but 2 years before that we bought a 1960’s split level in Long Island that needed some love. We had an entire house to renovate (Greg’s job) and decorate (my job) and so began my love of making my design visions come true. Here is where I will share the happenings of our ever changing work-in-progress house, the design and ideas that go into each room, as well other random interests and inspirations along the way. Thanks for stopping by!

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